Force Mr. Bojangles "Bo"


Force:  SR Southern Point's Magnum Gentle Force

Gator Pts. Magnum Gentle Ben MH

Blue Cypresses Punkin Pie SH   (Cherry)

Force loves the water and is eager to please.  He comes from very strong predigree.  He loves to hunt birds.  He is full of energy.  He loves to run and play with the other boys  in the kennel.

Mr. Bojangles "Bo"

Bo:  Southern Point's Mr. Bojangles  JH

Silverbrooks Return to Sender (Elvis)

Knight's Huricanne Sally

Bo is a AKC Junior Hunter

Bo is a  wonderful dog. He is very outgoing.  He is eager to please.

He loves the water and live to hunter birds.  Bo loves to run and play with other dogs.  He especially loves  bath time.