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  1. Central Administrator

    Central Administrator provides an easy and fast way to monitor from one place the status of Joomla websites in order to keep them working perfectly. The monitored websites can be scanned on demand by the admin in order to get the latest information about them. Depending on this information, the admin can select direct actions for these websites in order to keep them working in shape, updated and safely.

    If you have many websites that you are responsible for their good operation then this extension provides a centralized way to keep an eye on them.

    This extension is ideal for Joomla web developers and administrators.

    With this extension you are completely independent from third party tools, you can use it as often as you want to and without limits of how many websites you can monitor.


    Central Administrator provides the following information and actions per website:

    • Frontpage thumbnail.
    • Date of last scan.
    • Set website as offline or online.
    • Link to front-end and back-end with automatic login.
    • Version of Joomla.
    • Shortcut to the exact page for doing the Joomla update with automatic login to the administration area.
    • Available updates of extensions (total number and titles).
    • Shortcut to the exact page for doing the updates with automatic login to the administration area.
    • Size of 'cache' and 'tmp' folders.
    • Cleaning of 'cache' and 'tmp' folders.
    • Date of last existing backup of Akeeba.
    • Shortcut to the exact page for taking the backup using Akeeba with automatic login to the administration area.
    • PHP Version.
    • Total file size of the whole website.
    • Database size (not compressed in a zip file) of the whole website.
    • Google Page Speed score in desktop and mobile.
    • Server IP.
    • Actions to disable, enable, edit current entry or scan website.


  2. Improved Registration

    Joomla different user group on registration

    With Improved Registration you can manage Joomla users registrations by creating simple rules. You can, for example, block all users with an email address of a certain domain, or accept only users with defined usernames, or also assign user to user group automatically on Joomla based on email address and username.

    How to stop fake users from registering? Improved Registration can help you to prevent spam users registration on Joomla website.

    -Create a Joomla user blacklist.
    -Create a Joomla user whitelist.
    -Assign new users to a different user group automatically.
    -Allow o deny user registration based on email address.
    -Allow o deny user registration based on user name.

    Improved Registration can assign user to different user group based on the domain of their email address.

    Also, in each rule made by yourself, you can read in a message the effect that the rule will applies to future registrations.

    Remove unneeded fields verify password and confirm e-mail from Joomla Registration form

    Improved registration can simplify the Joomla registration form by remove unneeded fields from Joomla registration form, such as "repeat email" and "repeat password". Several studies have shown that the simplicity of compiling a form, is the base for an excellent conversion factor, because often when an user has difficulties to fill a form, or the form is too long and boring, the user switch the page, or the worst, switch to another website.

    By this component, you can turn on user registration by email in Joomla, which allows to not enter as a must own name and own username during the registration process.

    -Username can replace name.
    -Email address can replace username.
    -The field"repeat email" can be removed.
    -The field "repeat password" can be removed.

    By using Improved Registration you can setup a registration form where users will be able to sign up by just two fields, email address and password.

  3. JD PopX

    JD PopX - Best Popup Joomla Extensions To Capture Emails

    An awesome and user-friendly Joomla extension which helps you get leads effectively without any complexity. Now convert your one time visitors into permanent loyal customers. A range of features in this extension makes it irresistible to all marketers, bloggers, lead generators and growth hackers.

    • Acymailing compatible
    • Fully responsive layouts
    • Multiple Optin types
    • Playful and bold designs.
    • Appealing design templates
    • Timed emergence
    • Easy to customize
    • Include unique effects

    Top 4 reasons why you should love JD PopX

    • list text hereFreedom of opting the best Optin type.
    • Pick your most preferred template design.
    • Customize the template as you like it.
    • Include unique effects in your optin.

    Pick from 4 different optin styles.

    • Full-screen Optin
    • Small sidebar Optin
    • Bar Optin
    • Lightbox Optin
  4. Tags Match

    This module for Joomla 3+ displays items selected by tag. It works with the Joomla Core Tags component. The module options allow you to select that tags that you want to match, and the module can display the items, with a link to the full item, plus an optional image with optional item text. There are several configurable options, including whether a complete or partial match is required, the content type to match, whether to filter by language, and whether to support content plugins in the item text.

    Version 1.0.1
    Is now compatible with Joomla 4
    Adds option to truncate item text

  5. World Cup 2018 Predictions

    Do you need a prediction script for the World Cup 2018 in Russia to play an awesome prediction game with friends, family! With this component you will get all groups, matches and so on pre-istalled in the component installation.

    The only thing you need to do is inviting your frieds to register at your website. After registration they can play and predict immediately until the start of the match! As soon as the match starts the prediction part will be closed and no predictions are allowed anymore. All match date and times can be configured by using the Global Joomla Timezone configuration!

    **Are you as lazy as we are? **
    No problem, we have extended the component with an optional API plugin so match results are being updated automatically and the module can show live scores on your website too! Take a look at the API plugin to update matches, predictions and scorecards automatically!

    • Live Update Support
    • SEO & SEF URLS for search machines
    • Unlimited Leagues/Groups/Matches
    • Flag support for teams
    • Prediction System
    • Configure points system for predictions
    • Official Match ID's & API Numbering
    • Automically updates match scheduels
    • Optional API Connect for WC 2018
    • Using layouts to make overrides
    • Live score module for API users
    • Showing Match Overviews
    • Showing Standings
    • Everything can be edited
    • Advanced template system
    • Show/Hide predictions untill match start

    The basic API connect gives you oppertunity to connect our API once per 5 minutes to get the scores only, the PRO version (1 minute interval API) gives you abillity to request our API every minute to get results, livescores, red/yellow card information and goals with names and so on! You don't have to enter the results yourself anymore and even predictions don't need to be updated as it is going fully automatically when using our API connects!!